Our Vision

Preparing students for global cuisine & hospitality.


We offer a course in hospitality and culinary arts.

Cooking Classes

Our short courses offer lessons in cuisine from around the world.


Allspice Institute

At Allspice Institute, we hope to bring together a learning experience and environment for development and research in the field of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. A Structured cooking & culinary school is fairly new on a global stage, having gain more prominence during the late 20th century.

Hospitality includes its history, cultural nuances forming a basis for variation in salutations, and approach in human relations. Our approach is to provide a firm foundation to which one may continue to grow and build on and adapt, especially in the present dynamic, international hotels & resorts.

Culinary Art is a craft that demands dedication, a keen passion, and desire to be the best in this diverse and rich field. Our native and international teachers and guest speakers, in our cooking school, will impart their experiences and love for this career.

As a young and dynamic Culinary School, we are continuously adding quality programs which feed the needs of the Hospitality and Culinary arena.

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