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Before his introduction to Allspice Institute, Daniel Heng used to provide sushi for local shops. He had learnt just one recipe from a YouTube video, which he found easy to make at home. But there was so much more he wanted to learn, so his culinary passion led him to Allspice Institute, on the recommendation of an alumnus friend. While sushi-making was something he was used to, Japanese Cuisine opened a whole new world for him. The concepts, techniques and in-depth knowledge provided in the course gave him the tools to make his sushi-shop dream come true. After the course, he was geared up to open his own vegan Japanese sushi stall, by highlighting what he learnt at Allspice Institute about the importance of vegan ingredients and their nutritional benefits.

"I believe that a good trainer can make a huge difference in the learning process. I want to give thanks to Miss Anna for all her patience, encouragement and inspiration for us, " says Heng.