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As we shift towards using Hydroponics, Allspice Institute embraces the effort to remedy climate change and reduce ecological damage. Hydroponics use as little as 1/10 the water to grow than regular vegetables. They require less fertilizer but also provide all the essential nutrients you would get from regular vegetables. We are happy to contribute our efforts in preserving our planet, one step at a time.



Styrofoam is littered more than any other waste product and fills up 30 percent of landfills globally. Styrofoam is not only a dangerous air pollutant but also poses a great threat to humans, the environment, and animals. What’s even more shocking?  Styrofoam takes over 500 years to decompose and in the process, it leaches harmful chemicals into the environment. That’s why at Allspice, we’ve moved away from Styrofoam Cups and started using reusable mugs for all our students and staff.


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Food waste is one of the biggest waste streams in Singapore. The amount of food waste generated has grown by around 20% over the last 10 years. In 2019, Singapore generated around 744 million kg of food waste. At Allspice Kitchen, we believe in first-in, first out (FIFO) and first expire, first out (FEFO) compliance to reduce food wastage.

In a FIFO and FEFO compliant kitchen, inventory will be organized and rotated so that the oldest items, and items about to be expired in your kitchen, will be used first, cutting down on food waste because of spoilage. Moving the older stock to the front of the shelves and putting the new stock behind it will ensure that we are not wasting good stock and throwing out unused food simply because of our order of consumption. 



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Allspice Institute introduced their latest Green Initiative: Reusable Cloth Bags. 
Plastic bags can take up to 15 to 1000 years to biodegrade, and in the meantime, they pollute land and water bodies, choking up marine life. 

Thanks to our Reusable Bags, we have not only done away with plastic bags, but also contributed to environmental conservation, wildlife protection and decreasing our carbon footprint.
With our cloth bags, we offer durability, endurance and cost-effectiveness.


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A global shift to a plant-based diet could reduce mortality and greenhouse gases caused by food production. Research shows that the world’s five biggest meat and dairy producers emit more combined greenhouse gases than oil corporations. Animal agriculture contributes to soil degradation and other harmful impacts. The shift from consuming animal products to a plant-based diet will save the environment and also create a healthy lifestyle for everyone. At Allspice, we conduct many courses on plant-based diet that creates awareness about plant-based diet and veganism. From short courses to seminars with other agencies that promote veganism and plant-based diet, Allspice want to be part of the vegan evolution.