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Supporting the Youth & Serving the Elderly
We have been working with a local Singaporean Charity - Circle of Friends - that provides support to Youth at Risk, the Care-givers, the Elderly and the needy in our Community.
Through our monthly Served with Love program the Youth are paired with positive role models from the community to prepare, cook and pack healthy dishes that is delivered as bento-sets to the Elderly and the needy in our local community.
Increasingly Corporates are incorporating this as part of their Team-bonding program.
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Once you successfully complete any of our Programs you become part of our Alumni Community.
This privilege entitles you to being invited to special Masterclasses that we hold for Award-Winning Wellness experts or Celebrities. You may also receive special rates for attending selected programs.
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Allspice Institute was founded in 2009 with the vision of developing an international hospitality and culinary arts institution. Our goal is to prepare students for the professional world of global cuisine & hospitality by providing a fertile training ground and a supportive learning environment. Our faculty of qualified and experienced professionals come from different backgrounds to impart their knowledge and assist our students to prepare themselves for an exciting future in culinary and hospitality.


Sakthivel Karuppiah


Executive Head Chef, COO

Anup Kumar


Head of School of Culinary

Tadao Fujisaki


Sushi and Japanese Cuisine

Cindy Sim


Pastry and Bakery

Albert Koo


Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine

Ambrose Poh


Peranakan and Heritage Cuisines


“For the period of my industrial exposure, I was provided a rare opportunity to work next to renown chefs, Gordon Ramsay, George Blanc, Alfred Portale and Matt Moran.”

P.Singh, India

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