Yvonne NG’s success story 

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Yvonne NG was always fascinated watching videos of food influencers online, and that's when she decided she wanted to learn how to make professional sushi.

A friend recommended her to Allspice where she did a short course. While getting trained at sushi making, Yvonne was very happy with the knowledge and skills she learn from Chef Anna and Amelia. She also credits her success to Chef Anup from whom she guided her to take up the challenge. Allspice gave her the platform and the push to hone her baking and culinary skills, thanks to which she got better business and great client feedback.

Xia Ping’s success story

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Xia Ping was Inspired by various chefs at Allspice such as Chef SY & Anup, Xia learnt to craft mini baguette and chapatis, which made her even more interested to take up advance courses. Xia Ping owes her success to Allspice, with experts like Chef Chris Wong and Ambrose Poh baking her up, without whom she says wouldn't learn on her own with YouTube self tutorials. She strongly recommends Allspice to all aspiring and home chefs, thanks to the expert advice and live demonstration she has received at the institute.

 Japanese Cuisine at its best, with Mr Ling Meng Hua

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When Mr Ling Meng Hua first decided to attend  a course at Allspice Institute, he was in the midst  of a mid-career change. His former company,  which dealt in advertising, was having financial  difficulties, and he knew that he would have to  find a new opportunity for himself. Having always  been a budding chef at home, Mr Ling decided  to jump at the chance to take up a course at  Allspice Institute, learning Japanese cooking. 

Now, as a stallholder at Jurongville Secondary  School selling Japanese food, Mr Ling says that  he has no regrets, as it was Allspice Institute  that taught him a few recipes that he now uses  at his stall, and gave him the courage to commit  to a career switch. Students and staff love  the Japanese Curry that he and his wife offer  on Tuesdays, served with healthy brown rice.

Daniel Heng- From Student to Vegan Sushi Entrepreneur

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Before his introduction to Allspice Institute, Daniel Heng used to provide sushi for local shops. He had learnt just one recipe from a YouTube video, which he found easy to make at home. But there was so much more he wanted to learn, so his culinary passion led him to Allspice Institute, on the recommendation of an alumnus friend. While sushi-making was something he was used to, Japanese Cuisine opened a whole new world for him. The concepts, techniques and in-depth knowledge provided in the course gave him the tools to make his sushi-shop dream come true. After the course, he was geared up to open his own vegan Japanese sushi stall, by highlighting what he learnt at Allspice Institute about the importance of vegan ingredients and their nutritional benefits.

"I believe that a good trainer can make a huge difference in the learning process. I want to give thanks to Miss Anna for all her patience, encouragement and inspiration for us, " says Heng.

Heng now has a Vegan Sushi stall at the Raffles Place #B1-19, Change Alley Mall, S'pore 048622

Riya Basir- From Home- Based Food Business to Culinary Fusion Online

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With her home-based food business, Riya Basir served halal fusion food. She was keen to expand her culinary repertoire to Korean cuisine, which she would later add to her menu. So when she attended a workshop for Korean cuisine, Riya was delighted to learn new cooking techniques, interesting hacks and tricks that would elevate her food business.

Says Basir, "All the trainers, I crossed paths with have inspired me. Chef Ambrose's culinary experience and knowledge in Korean cooking overwhelmed me. Duriati also shared some good tips with me." On being asked how her experience at Allspice Institute was, she said, " The staff are very helpful and accommodating, which I greatly appreciate." She has already recommended Allspice Institute to her friends, who are excited to enrol.

Check out our former student's cool online website, where you can order your mouth-watering dishes.