Allspice Institute’s SSG (WSG) Certificate programs enable our students with a world of opportunity in the hospitality industry.

From international culinary to heritage cuisine to pastry, our graduates are renowned to bring with them hands on skills and industry knowhow which sets them apart.

SSG Funding Available

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  1. For withdrawal 7 working days before the start of course (SOC), an administrative fee of 25% of the full course fee, payable to Allspice, will be charged to the trainee.

  2. For withdrawal 5-6 working days before SOC, an administrative fee of 50% of the full course fee, payable to Allspice, will be charged to the trainee.

  3. There will be no refund for any withdrawal 4 days and less before the SOC.

  4. If payment is made by SkillsFuture and the participant fails to turn up for class, refund shall be credited back to the individual’s SkillsFuture account. 



What happens if I can't find my WTS (Workfare Training Scheme) letter?

Our staff can help you download the documents you need from the SkillsConnect, however you must login with your SingPass and 2FA.

What is the minimum attendance requirement for the WSG modular courses?

The candidates must have a minimum of 75% attendance in training hours of the courses. Candidates who do not meet the minimum requirement will have to re-module the training before being allowed to appear for assessment.

What is the appeal procedure for assessment related matters?

The appeal should be raised within 7 working days after the declaration of results in prescribed form;

The appeal is reviewed by the Examination board and the candidate is informed about the outcome within 10 working days;

If the student rejects the decision of Examination board, he/she may appeal again to Academic Board; 

The Academic Board reviews the results and review by Examination Board. The student is informed of the decision.

Is there any apprenticeship attached to the courses?

No. The current WSG modular courses offered by the Institute do not have apprenticeship attached to them.

What is the class size of professional hands-on cooking course?

The class size will me maximum 15 students per trainer.

Does Allspice institute guarantee industry placement after training?

We do not guarantee industry placement after training. However, our placement division facilitates job opportunities with our partner establishments for interested and eligible alumni.

How do I receive my certificate at the end of the program?

You will be sent the SOA (Statement of Attainment) by SSG (WSG) as an e-certificate to your email. Therefore you are required to have or create an email address at the time of registration. Allspice Institute also receive an electronic copy of your SOA.

How do I pay for my Short course fees using my SkillsFuture Credit?

You can login to the SkillsFuture website using your SingPass and then search for Allspice Institute and select the course you would like to take part in. Alternatively, you can come to Allspice and we assist you with this.

When can I pay my course fees using my SkillsFuture Credit?

You can pay your course fees using your SkillsFuture Credit from 60 days before the start of course up until and including the first day of the course. After this time, you will be required to pay using cash, credit card or NETS.